Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get my license activated?

A: We will activate your license immediately. You will receive an email with the license immediately after a successful payment.
Q: How long is the license good for, and how long do I get free updates?

A: Your Article Rewriter Wizard License is a Lifetime license! And you will always get FREE lifetime updates!
Q: Where can I use this content?

A: This content can be used on almost any website or blog. Users love using this on Article Directory Sites, Social Sites, Web 2.0 Sites, and anywhere content is needed. A majority of the users choose to just use this content for “off site” uses when building contextual backlinks for their sites.

This content is accept by almost every single website known!

Q: Is using word or character spun content dangerous or risky?

A: The basic answer is No, this content is very safe for ALL off site uses. Thus far we have not seen any on site penalty issues. If using spun content for a main site, just keep things of the highest quality and value! Risk adversity is individual to each user and use. We have NEVER seen any site penalized for this type of content. For users worried about the risk, then the BEST USE of any spun content is for all their backlinking needs. I.E. Web 2.0 sites, article directories, blogs, etc. The safest route for anyone with concerns.
Q: How does this work?

A: Basically this type of spinning works by spinning the content on a character level using a few advanced algorithms. Once the content is spun it is HIGHLY UNIQUE, and almost always 100% unique. On the settings tab users have a variety of settings to choose from when spinning or rewriting to create custom content that is unique from existing content.
Q: Why should I use this Article Rewriter, what are the advantages for me?

A: This type of spinning produces content that is unique because it is spun on a character level versus on a word level. Because of this uniqueness, it will get indexed VERY quickly, easily, and this leads to your backlinks getting indexed or found easily and quickly. Using this method, ALL of your content will read perfectly and ALWAYS make sense, unlike word spinning.

Save Time & Money – Always have an endless supply of quality content for your needs.
Indexes Easily and Quickly – giving you that extra edge on your backlinks.
High Quality Content – All content reads well to end users. Giving you more traffic and leads.
Fast & Easy To Use – The fastest and easiest way to create 1000’s of articles that read perfectly and index quickly because they are unique.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: Yes we offer a full featured free trial. You can download the trial here: Download Article Rewriter Wizard.
Q: Is Article Rewriter Wizard compatible with my Operating System?

A: Yes, Article Rewriter Wizard is cross compatible with Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X.
Q: How many computers can I run Article Rewriter Wizard on?

A: Each Article Rewriter Wizard license allows you to operate it on 2 computers. If you would like to run the program on more computers simultaneously more licenses will be needed. Please send us an email and we will help you with additional licenses.
Q: How do I protect my keywords when I rewrite articles?

A: Before rewriting your articles add all your SEO keywords to the protected keywords list on the settings tab. You can type them in or upload a list with 1 keyword per line. Note: You can add single keywords: ie “dogs”, and keyword phrases: ie “dog training videos”.
Q: The articles look the same after rewriting, is the program working?

A: That’s right, if you use the Unicode setting the articles will read and look exactly like the original.  However the new article has been rewritten and is UNIQUE!
Q: Why are the words not being spun or changed?

A: The program is working correctly. It is designed to spin articles so they read and look the same to final users/readers. It does spin the characters of the words which is what makes the content unique.
This is power of this type of technology, it keeps the content meaning and readability while making the articles unique!
Q: Why is the rewritten article all messy or look like code?

A: If use either of the 2nd two settings; HTML embedded Unicode, or HTML embedded ASCIII characters, the rewritten articles will appear odd looking until they are rendered by a web browser.  For example once “a” is rendered by a web browser, it is the exact same character as the standard “a” character!  You can test this out by clicking the preview button on any rewritten article.
Q: Who accepts this type of content?

A: Browsers worldwide recognize Unicode and ASCII characters, so the rewritten content can be used just about everywhere on every single website.
Q: The copyscape API is not working, why?

A: Please check and be sure you entered your copyscape your username and API key, and note that the API key is NOT your Copyscape password.
Q: I can’t install / stuck in a loop / errors upgrading?

A: Completely uninstall any versions of Article Rewriter Wizard that you currently have on your computer, restart your computer, then download the latest version of Article Rewriter Wizard here. Contact us if this problem continues. If you have the program open on another other computer and are trying to install the latest version, you will still have trouble. Uninstall from both machines. If you keep getting a message that you need to download the latest version (in a loop) it is because you need to clear your browser cache/temporary internet files. Your browser isn’t downloading the latest version because you have the other version cached.
Q: Can I prevent some of the replaceable words from being rewritten?

A: Yes, just remove that word or words from the replaceable word list on the settings tab. The replaceable words list can be customized by each user.
Q: How do I download Article Rewriter Wizard?

A: Check your email (and spam folder) for your software license and download the program from our download page at
Q: How do I update my program?

A: The Article Rewriter Wizard installer will alert you of any available updates when you open and close the program. The installer will ask of you would like to download the latest update.
However, users can manually download and reinstall the latest version manually also.

And you will always get FREE lifetime updates!

Q: How do I sign up for Copyscape and setup Copyscape to work with ARW?
A:To use the CopyScape function you will need to sign up for a Copyscape Premium account here:
Once you sign up, purchase search credits through Copyscape. Also remember your Copyscape Username so you can enter it into the settings tab on ARW.
While logged into Copyscape find your API key by going to:
> Copyscape Premium
> Premium API
> Your API Key.
Go back to ARW and enter your Copyscape Username and API key on the settings tab.
Q: Why is my content showing funny characters such as question marks: “?” in the text?

A: Sometimes the content will not post correctly using Visual Editors on sites like WordPress and others. Always use the HTML editors when posting the content. Also when using WordPress use rewrite option #2.
Q: I’m using WordPress and the content doesn’t look correct, why?

A: The Visual Editor in WordPress doesn’t work with the content. You can disable the editor, or simply just use the HTML editor to post your content. Rewrite method #2 is best for WordPress..
Q: Which rewrite method is the best?

A: It depends on where the content is being used. On most websites, including social network sites, web 2.0 sites, and article directory sites rewrite method #2 works well. With most email clients, rewrite #1 works best. If the method you choose doesn’t work the first time, test and try the other methods. Again, WordPress users should use rewrite option #2, and the WordPress HTML editor.
Q: Why is the content not showing as 100% unique when I rewrite?

A: When you rewrite using only the replaceable words list, the rewritten content will appear unique to search engines and content bots. Using the words list, only those words are rewritten so the article can retain its meaning and keywords. If you rewrite and select “replace all words”, then every single character will be replaced and the content or article will be 100% unique.
Q: What’s the current software version or build, i.e. changelog?

A: The current software version and build is: v1.0 Build#120315
Q: I didn’t see my question answered here, how do I contact support?

A: We’re always here to help! We’ve supplied a few different support guides here: Support. Please contact us here for all other questions and support: Contact Us