Article Rewriter Wizard Support

Thank you for purchasing Article Rewriter Wizard!

This is powerful software but we have provided a ton of user support. After reviewing the guides we have created, as you have questions please send us a message.

Most questions can be answered on the Frequently Asked Questions Page: FAQ

And through the Userguide: Article Rewriter Wizard Userguide

To see a couple live examples, please check out the YouTube Videos: Videos

These are older videos and the program has been updated, but everything still works the same.

Within the software on every page we have (?) icon help buttons full of details of how to use the software.

As you have more detailed questions or troubleshooting please send us a message Contact Us Or email at support@

Superior software and support are our two highest goals.
We answer most messages within a few hours, and we will always respond no later than 48 hours.